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Computer System Scenarios

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Computer Systems Scenarios

Scenario 1

Sarah’s Flower Designs addressed several requirements in developing their new system. Their first groups of concerns are housing client information and order history as well as the ability to bill the client. The easiest way to address these concerns is to utilize two Desktop Computers. One desktop can be used behind the scenes as a minicomputer / workstation.

This computer can house all of the information including a good accounting package such as Peachtree. This would allow for accurate tracking of inventory, payables, receivables, and an order system. This system should also be incorporated with a large external drive to backup all system information.

The second desktop can be placed in the front of the store as a work station. Peachtree offers a register system that is compatible with a barcode scanner. This station would talk to the minicomputer to get needed information. Essentially, this would be more of a dumb terminal serving minimal functions with very little storage needs.

The second requirement was a way to track customer addresses and delivery instructions. A simple handheld device would work great for this. Many GPS companies produce handheld devices which serve this purpose well. Not only does the device store the address, but it will also direct the driver to the delivery destination verbally while the vehicle is in motion. Some additional programming will be needed to enable the GPS software to talk to the Peachtree database, but this will be a one time set up charge.

Scenario 2

The scenario does not specify what equipment SBI currently has so this recommendation assumes the total replacement of all equipment except desktop units. The first recommendation is purchasing two minicomputers and additional hardware to backup the system or offsite services.

The first minicomputer would host the companies accounting package. Companies of 300 or more people start using financial packages that require more space and have a much larger database. This box will need to talk to the second; however, one can operate independent of the other in the event of down time.

The second minicomputer would host the company’s website and store customer’s portfolios. Keeping the two databases separate will also increase search performance and reduce wait time. Another benefit of keeping the systems separate enables the first minicomputer to be taken off line for maintenance without affecting the second computer and vise versa. This step will reduce overall downtime for customers, both internal and external.

The next recommendation is the purchase of 21 Laptops and wireless network / internet cards for each. Each traveling agent would be issued a laptop preloaded with the required software, an internal wireless network card, and a wireless internet card providing them access to the needed information while traveling. Having an additional unit on hand will eliminate downtime in the event of system failure, theft, or even an accident.

Scenario 3

The Helping Hands League offers an interesting challenge. They need a system to track clients and volunteers; however, financial restrictions limit the number



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