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Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering: The Fast Growing Technological Career

As I initiated the pursuit of my career, I did extensive research on the field of computer engineering. I was able to gather the necessary information and learn that computer engineering is a discipline under electrical engineering. With the combination of both electrical engineering and computer science, one must keep in mind that computer engineering approaches both the software and hardware aspects of the career choice. This type of electrical engineering focuses on digital logic system rather than radio frequency or electronics. There are various areas of specialty which range from digital control theory, semiconductor, digital signal processing, computer architecture, and software to name a few. The growth of technology opens many more opportunities for jobs, especially computer engineers. Majoring in computer engineering is the right career choice for me because I am interested in all aspects of computers, and how effective they are in the fast growing technological world.

A Computer engineer is someone who designs control systems for the automated production line in a manufacturing industry, mainly robots; creates software for digital telephone systems; plans and supervise the Local Area Networks (LAN) for a computer; and propose ideas in which computer chips can be made smaller and more effective by using Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI). Computer engineers are consistently designing software to make the use of computers more convenient for everyday use.

Computer engineering consists of two areas, hardware and software. One will be highly exposed to the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of hardware and software in the state of the art computer labs in many universities that offer computer engineering as a career choice. As computers continue to be the core of this fast growing technological world, engineers that pursue this area, are rigorously involved in the design and implementation of hardware and software applications. The world needs engineers who can work on both sides of the gap between digital hardware and software. That is exactly what the computer engineers are taught to do. A computer scientist traditionally focuses on the theoretical and software aspects of a computer system, with little emphasis on the hardware or circuitry. An electrical engineer, on the other hand, traditionally focuses on the circuitry and hardware aspects of the system with little emphasis on software.

In preparation for a career in engineering or computers you may start in high school by taking advanced science, mathematics, and computer courses. Many high schools also offer advanced placement courses that could allow you to skip some required college courses if you pass the advance placement test. Enrolling in these courses will not only give you a head start on your college classes, but can also



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