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Compare The Successes Of Troy And Boldwood In Courting Bathsheba

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Essay Preview: Compare The Successes Of Troy And Boldwood In Courting Bathsheba

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Compare the successes of Troy and Boldwood in courting Bathsheba

Boldwood and Troy both try to court Bathsheba however using different techniques and with varying success.

Boldwood is pictured by Hardy to be a nervous, stammering man, 'but I am only just able to speak out my feelings - I mean meaning', this quote shows him stammering and a 'hopeless man for women'. Hardy has also shown this awkwardness when he pictures Boldwood 'leaning over a chair', an undignified position and thus shows how he is willing to lose all dignity in order to get Bathsheba.

Boldwood is stated to need Bathsheba, his 'life is a burden' without her, and is incredibly desperate to get her. This can be seen by the numerous proposals Boldwood makes as if it seems he cannot take no for an answer. This can be seen when having been proposed to Bathsheba replies 'I do not feel - what would justify me to - in accepting your offer', showing Boldwood's awkwardness is spreading to Bathsheba, this quote shows Bathsheba trying to say no, however 'giving back dignity for dignity' however Boldwood will not take it and out pour his emotions in the 'opening of the sluices'.

Troy however sees Bathsheba not as someone who he needs, but as another girl to add to the collection. Hardy shows Troy as more of an expert when it comes to courting girls. The reader already knows he is having a relationship with Fanny Robin so his courting Bathsheba conjures up antagonism from the reader.

As Troy is more experienced in courting girls he is seen much more confident when talking to Bathsheba. His dialogue is much more relaxing than Boldwood's, he jokes by saying that he wishes 'it was the knot of knots' when they are tied together. This shows his not so subtle hint of marriage, which is



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