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Compare Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Equilibrium Directed by Kurt Wimmer

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Essay Preview: Compare Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Equilibrium Directed by Kurt Wimmer

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In a world where not a thing was ever unexpected, or inconvenient, or unusual. A life without colour, pain, or diversity. This is the type of qualities that both the world in Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury and Equilibrium, directed by Kurt Wimmer has in common. These two stories are comparable in numerous ways and different in several others. For example, the protagonists of both narratives rebel against their societies and completely disagree with what they are implementing. They also include characters that are faithful to the government until the protagonist interacts with them and makes them think twice about who they are loyal to. Next, at the end of these tales, there is a revolution and a new beginning and the world of dystopia is no more. Even though there are many similarities, The amount of differences are uncanny. For example, the things that the government from each of the stories have deemed illegal are completely different since one had freethought banned and the other any type of feelings. Another difference is what the government uses to control their citizens. In Fahrenheit 451 they use technology to their advantage with a Mechanical Hound and in Equilibrium they use science in the form of a drug called prosium. Finally, the way the government scares their citizens into following their orders are completely different. In the novel they are very covert and concealed whenever they do something that should be done under the radar. Although, in the movie, Equilibrium the government is really aggressive and violent and does not care whether they are fair or not to the public eye. Fahrenheit 451 and Equilibrium have many similarities and differences and this is just a glance of what they are.

Although there are many contradictions throughout both of these stories the similarities are very distinct. The protagonists of the two stories are Guy Montag and John Preston. Their main similarity is that they both oppose what their governments are enforcing and throughout the story, trying to find a way to end this unlawfulness. Guy Montag is constantly trying to read new books, poems, and other types of literature. He is also trying to tell everyone that books are not evil objects that they should destroy. This entirely goes against what his government is saying, therefore he is just like John Preston. Who believes that humans have the right to be in touch with their emotions. So he tries to fight the government and refuses to take the pill called Prosium that shuts down all feelings of emotion. They also have a similar supporting character that supports the government, until the protagonist inspires them and makes them question their government's way. In Fahrenheit 451 this supporting character is named Granger and he encourages Guy Montag to read books and eventually helps Montag escape and live a full and free life. In Equilibrium, the character is named Jurgen and he assists John Preston in overthrowing the current government with the help of the rest of the Underground. Finally, both narratives conclude in a similar way in which the whole society suddenly has an epiphany and a revolution begins. The two worlds restart with a new beginning and a new world that is peaceful and full of life and colour. This is just a fraction of the numerous similarities between Fahrenheit 451 and Equilibrium. All of the characters in these tales are totally oblivious to what is going on around them and how unfairly they are being treated except for the protagonists.

Imagine, having no control over your life and being watched every minute by your own government. this is what the people in Equilibrium had to deal with their whole lives The main difference between these two stories is that in Equilibrium you are not allowed to have any type of feelings whatsoever and in Fahrenheit 451 are not allowed your own free thought. The way each government attempts to put an end to people who are doing



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