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Compare Contrast

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Cats, Dogs, and Why the Mice Are Winning

Since ages past, the feud over pet dominancy has raged as hot as the passion that backs it. Cat and dog lovers all feel fervently about their choice of animal companion. However, it is this passion that leaves them blind to the pros and cons of both animals. Cats may be more inclined to lick themselves instead of fetching a pair of slippers, but it is not that often you see a cat leave a present of steamy goodness in the floor. Both animals are different; therefore, they will appeal differently to different people.

Dogs appeal to those who lack friends, who love attention, or have a serious fear of being robbed. Dogs are protective and love the owners by showing it. There is nothing that says, "I love you" like a twenty-pound canine bounding at some unsuspecting someone and colliding into their body. Dogs have the tendency to love. They are in tune to how their owner feels. When he is sick, his faithful friend will curl up beside him, attempting to provide warmth in a cold, cruel world. When he is happy, his dog will have a smile that stretches from ear to ear. A dog is also a good thing in a bad neighborhood. Even if the dog is the most chicken-hearted of canines, he will more than likely get a few barks out.

The most common cons associated with dogs are their smells and their messes. There is no smell that can make a nose wince like the smell of wet dog, and that is when they are clean! Then, there are the different types of messes. Even if a dog is house trained, he can still shred all amounts of important documents that are set low enough for him to reach. Dogs attain their own quirks and personalities that will make us love them even more, but in the end, dogs are like people. They all have their own problem

Cat lovers often fall under the categories of neat freaks, recluses, and the female gender. Cats are often seen as self-absorbed; however, they aren't as self-centered as some might think. It only makes the occasional rub



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