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Comparative Essay

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Comparative Essay

In this essay, a comparison between the novels False Impression, and The Brethren will

be made. Although the authors captivate their audience with compelling quotes and

facts about the characters, their sudden turn to misleading statistics sometimes

failed to persuade the reader that what he is saying is true about some characters.

In the book False Impression, the author shows how anybody who wants something

bad enough will go and get it, even if it means murder. Anna Petrescu is running

around the world to save her life. She has worked at Fenston finance for 2 years now and

she’s finally figuring out that every couple months, people are slowly being murdered.

These people are being murdered because of an impression painting by Van Gogh. Anna

is now seeing that she is being followed by men who work for Fenston finance and she is

soon being run around the world for a painting that has been in Anna’s family forever.

This part of the book shows that people, especially people with power, will do anything

to get what they want. Bryce Fenston murders innocent people to get what he wants.

Comparatively, in the book The Brethren, there are three former southern judges, serving

time together in a federal prison for various bad deeds, which have taken away their

freedom and their status in the community. However, inside the prison, they continue to

practice law without a license, and concoct a blackmail scheme that begins making them

some money, that is, until they bag a powerful 'mark’ that could jeopardize everything.

When they are planning this scheme they are not aware of how many people they could

hurt, or even kill. A quote from the book backs this up. “Who cares about how many

people are killed; its how much money we get in the end”. (pg. 129)

Mystery books are easy to predict the unfolding of. In False Impression, it was very

easy to predict the ending because, in the story, there were only bad guys and good guys.

The good guys always win in mysteries because that’s what the reader wants to happen.

Half way threw the book, I could automatically tell what was going to happen to Anna

and Bryce Fenston. Even through Anna had to overcome big struggles and dodge getting

killed, she fought threw it and came out winning. Bryce, on the other hand, was fired,

left with nothing, and sent to prison. If it was the other way around, and Anna didn’t win

the battle, it wouldn’t have been such a good book.

In the book “The Brethren”, the main characters were the bad guys. Through the whole

book you hated what they did to everyone. They thought they were superior over the

whole prison. Even before when they weren’t in prison, they scammed so many people,

robbed banks, stole, and killed innocent people. Later on in the book, when they started

writing letters to people, they never knew that they were writing to a person that was in

touch with the FBI, and that got the three southern judges in a lot of trouble. They fell

into their own trap. They were going to try and take some ones money, but ending up

going bankrupt themselves. This part of the book was a huge twist for the readers because

you never expected anything to go wrong with them. You learned to adapt to their mean

nature. This quote from the FBI ensures the reader that something big is going to happen




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