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Comp 1301 - Mighty Toulouse

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Essay Preview: Comp 1301 - Mighty Toulouse

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Lily Diaz

Professor Baker

Comp 1301

September 27, 2018


Mighty Toulouse

                My family has always loved having dogs, they were never a big fan of any other pet or type of animal but just dogs. We have five dogs, all German shepherds. My dad knows I’m not a huge fan of dogs he would mock me and make me walk them just for fun or to bond. It didn’t seem to work, The barking of each dog echoing through my ear, odor from a long walk, jumping in puddles on rainy days, chewing on furniture as a stuffed toy. My dad didn’t mind neither my mom “el mejor amigo de un señor es un perro” a dog is a man’s best friend, my dad said. Trying to convince me to get a dog, it annoyed me.

It was a rainy day, pouring but just a little with a dash of wind. “LILY, PASEA A LOS PERROS” lily walk the dogs, my dad said. The rain deducting away from my raincoat jacket, dogs barking at a squirrel, the wind breezing through the trees. Days like these are the best walking past a puddle hearing a loud noise. It was a female kitten and in bad condition, it had no fur, not able to walk and the right eye was popped. The cat cried for help, it wanted to live seeing how it called out for help I couldn’t say no. Sneaking the cat inside as if I were a robber trying to steal from a bank, my parents have not noticed till a loud “Meow”. My parents got very aggravated but seeing the condition it was on my dad promised to throw it back to the streets when the cat was in good shape.

 Nursing the cat for about two weeks it started to walk again, fur was growing back, and she ended up being blind on her right eye. my dad got along with Toulouse their daily routine being laying on the couch after a long hard day. Toulouse was the only cat in the house but she was a spunky cat jumping to furniture to another as if she was jumping cliffs, getting on the dogs back like a rider riding a horse, fighting against the dogs as a wrestling match. Though being a tiny sick cat raised by dogs she was the best at fetch, hide and seek and does all sorts of dog things. Toulouse was no ordinary cat, she ruled the house and it became her palace. Trying not to get too attached considering we had to leave her soon.  It was depressing Toulouse became my pal, my best friend, though she got better and It was time as I promised my dad. Taking her outside, I heard my dad yelling “Mete el pinche gato” bring the damn cat inside. My dad got attached to Toulouse and didn’t want her out, we kept her. My dad took back everything and we decided to keep Toulouse, I was shocked coming from a man that only loved dogs. It was overwhelming as Toulouse sitting on her throne known as the comfy couch meowing back at us. She is fighter that fought for her life, she is mighty Toulouse.



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