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Comoparing And Contrasting

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Comparing and Contrasting Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

The 1960’s brought out two famous boxers that were born in the 40’s. These two boxers have some similarities and some differences. At points in their life they will turn from friends to enemies. Although two boxer from the same time period may have had differences in their life’s together and apart does not mean they can not be friends again.

Muhammad Ali was born January 17, 1942. He was born as Cassius Clay but later changed his religion and name. Becoming the first man to win the heavyweight title three times, Ali was both arrogant and charismatic in his style of fighting. Whenever he was around he brought excitement with him. He often predicted the round in which he would beat his opponents. So talented and so fast, Ali was able to box while holding his left hand by his side and often pull straight back to avoid punches.

In 1967, Ali refused induction into the U.S. Army because of religious beliefs. He was arrested and had his boxing license suspended. Because of this his heavyweight title was taken away.

While Ali was gone Joe Frazier boxed through the division and earned the title of heavyweight champion. Ali returned in 1970 this is where he set the fight for him and Joe Frazier. Both men were unbeaten. But Ali would always claim himself as the peoples champion. This fight was named the fight of the century, but not for Ali he was dropped by the 15th round. This made Frazier the winner by unanimous decision.

Ali regained the heavyweight again by beating George Forman. Then that put him in position for a rematch against Frazier, in which Ali defeated him. Muhammad Ali defeated the title against a host of boxing contenders until 1981 with him final defeat. Now he has Parkersons disease. This disease may have affected him physically but not mentally because he still believes and says he is still the champ of all times.

Joe Frazier was born January 12, 1944. He became a boxer by accident. He first went to the gym to work himself into shape. Shortly after,



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