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Cold Stone

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Cold Stone Creamery is one of the local "hangouts" , in town. It is a

place where something is always going on. Howell is generally a large town, but it is in the

middle of nowhere, farms and fields everywhere! Unless I wanted to hang out at the local

grocery store or Stop N' Shop, there wasn't much to do in town. Everyone comes to Cold

Stone; friends, families, boyfriends and girlfriends, teenagers, children, and adults. It's a very

friendly, relaxing and popular place.

I cross the parking lot and jog over to the door. The door handle is sticky as I wrap my

fingers around it, probably due to several people who touch it after touching their ice cream,

and I pull it open and immediately smell the warm, sweet sensation the second I open the door.

Instantly, I feel the parlor's warmth. "TIP!" I hear a voice shout out. I quickly turn to see the

employees burst out in song and begin clapping. "If you're happy that you came here, take a

bite, Because you know that only Cold Stone does it right, So we raise our voice and

holler just to thank you for your dollar And we hope to see you back tomorrow night!"

I laugh at how the employees begin to dance the ice cream scoopers, in their hands, swinging

them around. I smile in amusement and push through the heavy crowd of people to get on line.

This is why Cold Stone is so popular, not only because of the ice cream, but that atmosphere

where employees dance and sing and no one is bewildered by it. It gives people a sense of

tranquility, puts them at ease. I see a little girl jumping from tile to tile, like a four year old girl;

red tile, to black tile, to white tile; the floor reminds me of a checkerboard. The bright black

lanterns hang from the ceiling, shining bright light upon everyone. Light is known for making a

place feel cheerful, friendly. The smells of the homemade ice cream being made in the back,

giving the place a baking smell that you can only find in the kitchen of your own home.



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