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Coevolution, Competition and Biodiversity are all different words, but have many things in common. All the words involve animals interacting with each other. In my first paragraph I will explain what coevolution is and how it makes the animals interactions change in species. My second paragraph is the description about the role of competition and how it ship and shapes natures' ecosystem. And last but not least, my third paragraph and it will be about the explanations of biodiversity and why it's necessary that it exist.

Coevolution is the act that animals by time learn to interact with one another. Animals learn to evolve and depend on each other to do some certain processes. For Instance, many species of flowers learn to adapt the fact that they need pollinators because with the help of those pollinators, the flowers would be fertilized and are able to grow fruits. It's all a matter of working together to do what is good for everyone. Natural selection is also important in the world of coevolution. The term natural selection means only the strongest and fittest would survive.

Competition happens everywhere, there is competition among different species of animals. The role of competition is basically any two species that need the same limited resources. For example, the weeds growing in a garden are competing with garden plants for soil nutrients. There are some competitions like two animals fighting each other to see who would be the best in order to get a specific territory. When it comes to two animals fighting it reminds us of ourselves fighting each other to see who would win. For example all the wars we had surpassed, countries fighting other countries to claim land. Competition and natural selection go side by side just as written in my fist paragraph the strongest will survive in order to reproduce and to make a strong community; just like in wars, the strongests armies wins and claims there rightful lands.




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