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Code of Business Conduct

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Essay Preview: Code of Business Conduct

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Code of business conduct:

  1. Fair Treatment of Employees
  1. Engaging our workforce.
  2. Non-discrimination and preventing harassment
  3. Safe and healthy work environment
  4. Use of social media
  5. A checklist of your responsibilities
  1. Financial Integrity and Protecting Our Assets
  1. Accuracy of Company records and public reports
  2. Use of Company assets
  3. Intellectual property and confidential business information
  4. Respect for trade secrets and confidential information
  5. Compliance with securities laws and insider trading
  6.  A checklist of your responsibilities
  1. Conflicts of Interest  
  1. Gifts, entertainment, hospitality, travel and other items of value

 Employees should only accept gifts, entertainment, hospitality, travel and other items of value from suppliers, vendors and other contractors where they are modest, are not cash or cash equivalents, and do not influence business decisions

  1. Personal investments, transactions and outside business interests

We know financial health is important to you and your family. At times, you may want to make business investments or take on an additional job to help you build financial security. However, you must keep in mind potential conflict of interest concerns.

  1. Family members and close personal relationships

Avoid supervising or taking part in the hiring or promoting of a family member. Avoid holding a position with access to or influence over performance appraisals, salary information or other confidential information related to a family member.

  1. Outside board memberships

Serving on outside boards can present conflicts of interest and should be disclosed and discussed with one’s manager. Before accepting membership on any board, it is important to understand one’s legal responsibilities and avoid affiliations that carry the potential for distraction and conflicts of interest.


1.) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act

2.) Revenue and Expense Recognition

   The recognition of revenue and expense is import for every company,including Johnson&Johnson,company prefer to high revenue,which means this company has a good profitability,and it will attract more investors,and the reasonably higher expense will lead to a lower tax expense,which is also a company’s hope.If Johnson&Johnson makes fake revenue,this company could have a higher profitability,this company may record revenue committed by customers in future transaction,which doesn’t happen in this fiscal year.



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