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Coatlicle's Rules

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Essay Preview: Coatlicle's Rules

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Allusion is a figure of speech. Refers to an object or event that has occurred or existed outside of context direct or indirect. These allusion are meant so the read gets a better understanding but it is also left to the reader to make the connection.

In Pat Mora’s “Coatlicue’s Rules: Advice from an Aztec Goddess,” there are many examples of Allusions. One of the most important is in the phrase “feather are not so unusual in annunciations”. She says this because the feathers are what impregnate her somewhat magically. Now the reader must realize she is trying to make that connection between this Aztec derived poem and some other story or event of some sort to which she is referring. Annunciation is a key word as is feature. Now this can be obvious depending on your knowledge but she is referring to the Virgin Mary’s story. How she also was impregnated “magically” by feather. In this allucination it is not feathers alone that deliver the message it is an Angel, Angel Gabriel to be more accurate. He come from the heavens and tell Mary she will be impregnated without the need of a man, and she will remain a virgin. The feathers in Coatlicue’s Rules are the feathers on Angel Gabriel wings.

Now that we identified the allusion and the connection is made we can now understand that Coatlicue’s Rules is about a holy impregnation similar to Mary’s. This will now help us understand better Pat Mora’s meaning for the poem.



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