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Classroom Management

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Classroom manangement is vital for both students and teachers . It is important that that teacheres see it necessary to reduce on any activities that may cause disruptions to the studenst as well as the teacher. To ensure that classes are free on interruptions, the teacher needs to ensure that she starts the year right. By this, she needs to ensure that she inform her students about the objectives that will be taught for the year likewise she needs to ensure that the first few days of school the whole class receives attention, at the beginnning of the year it is too early for individualised attention. The teacher needs to ensure that she is familar with all her students in the class before allowing any individual attention

Teachers should also teach specific procedures. Allowing the students to practise what is expected of them can also be possible e.g students can be taught how to line up quietly. Also at fist activities for the year, effective teachers can employ strategies that are enjoyable. materials for the first lesson should be well prepared, clearly presented and students were asked to get right to work on the first day . Teachers also responded immediately to inappropriate behaviour in the classroom.

Rules were also discussed by the teacher. Brook 1985 clearly states that when constructing rules they should be few in number, they should make sense and be seen as fair by all the studens likewise rules should be explained and deliberately taught to students.

It is very important that teachers set up rules which involves the students, class discussion on rules give students a feeling of participation in setting the rules that they can live by.



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