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Clara Barton

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Clara Barton, born Clarissa Harlow Barton on December 25, 1821 was a progressive leader in compassionate services for persons in need all over the world, but especially in her native country the United States.

Miss Barton, began teaching at the age of seventeen. "She established her own school, in North Oxford", and years later opened another school in Bordentown, which offered a free education to all who attended. Wanting a change in her career she moved to Washington, DC and took a job in the U. S Patent Office.

When the Civil War began Clara saw a need; there were shortages of supplies among the soldiers. She met those needs by advertising in the newspaper and receiving donations from the public. In 1862, the government gave her permission to distribute supplies to the troops and accompany the sick on the front line. She became known as "The Angel of the Battlefield."

In 1864, she was made the Superintendent of the Union Nurses. After the war under the direction of President Lincoln she began searching for missing prisoners, this led to the identification of many of over 30,000 dead soldiers. While continuing this crusade she also became a suffragist and an activist for the rights of Negroes.

During a trip to Europe, Clara became familiar with the International Red Cross and the Treaty of Geneva. In 1873 when she return to the United States she encouraged President James Garfield to sign the Treaty of Geneva, and to allow her to form an American Red Cross Society.. This was formed May 21, 1881, and Clara became its first president.

Throughout her life she continued to do philanthropist activities. In 1898, she went to Cuba during their insurrection, and at the age of 79 she personally worked with the victims of the Galveston, Texas, flood of 1900.

In 1904, at the age of 82, Clara resigned her position as president of the American Red Cross. Miss Barton lived a sacrificial life, devoting



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