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Citizen Kane

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Essay Preview: Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane

The way you are raised as a child effects the lifestyle and decisions you make your entire life. Since Charles Foster Kane was taken from his family as a child, he never really knew how to maintain a relationship in his life. In the film "Citizen Kane" directed by Orson Wells, Kane has had many relationships throughout his life that all seem to turn out for the worst at the end. Three of the major relationships in the film are with his best friend Jedediah Leland, his first wife Emily Norton and his second wife Susan Alexander.

One of the relationships that went bad was his relationship with his best friend Jedediah Leland. When Kane lost the election he felt betrayed by the voters. Leland on the other hand felt that Kane had been betraying voters. Not wanting to remain working with Kane he asked to be moved to Chicago. Following this Leland and Kane did not talk for many years. Also Kane had 2 marriages that both led to divorces.

Kane's first marriage was Emily Norton niece of the president. As all marriages start out it was a perfect bond. As the years went on both of them fell farther and farther apart from each other. Kane had been working to much and had little time for his marriage. Towards the end of the relationship he had and affair with Susan Alexander. After he lost the election they got divorced. Once divorced he got married to Susan Alexander.

His second wife Susan Alexander seemed to be going good at first. Kane had been trying to buy her love by building her an opera house and trying to make her into an Opera star. Leland simply puts it like this, "All Charlie ever wanted was to be loved but he could never give love". Susan described how Kane thought it was important for him that she became accepted as a star even though she was never good. Once Susan confronts him saying that he gives her things hoping he can buy her love.




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