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Chris Gardner - a Biography

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Chris Gardner was once a homeless man but is now a millionaire. In the article “ Chris Gardner has pursued happiness, from the Glide soup kitchen to the big screen “ it talks about the story of Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner had to go through many obstacles and hard-work to be able to stand where he is today. In the article it says that he was the second to oldest of four children and was left without any parents. After being abused by his stepfather his mom was sent to prison for trying to burn the house down with his stepfather in it. Gardner joined the Navy, after “ barely “ graduating from high school, and was assigned to be a medic. When Gardner got out of his service in the Navy he worked as a research lab assistant at UCSF and the veteran hospital while living with his girlfriend and child. It all started after four years when Gardner was a salesman for medical equipment and that was when he met a stockholder, and he decided that he wanted to do it. However, he was put in jail for not paying his parking tickets and discovered that his girlfriend and son left while he was doing several interviews with Dean Witter. Four months later after getting the job, his girlfriend came back with his son and told him that it was his turn even though the house he was living in didn’t allow children, and he couldn’t afford to feed another mouth, diapers, and daycare. After few years of being homeless, he moved to New York City to work at another firm. He opened his own stock brokerage firm in 1989 named, Gardner Rich & Co. in Chicago and bought a Ferrari. Later on, he found his dream girl and is now in the midst of working on the biggest deal of his career. Just know that no matter how hard life gets if you keep trying and never giving up and keep your focus on your goal you will eventually reach it.



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