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Chinese Traditional Instrument - Pipa

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Essay Preview: Chinese Traditional Instrument - Pipa

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Informative Speech Outline

Title: Chinese Traditional Instrument-- Pipa

Topic: I want to talk about the origin and the special design of Pipa, also introduce how to play this article.

Purpose Statement: I want to inform my audience how Pipa influenced in Chinese history, and how special design and traditional it is.

Audience Analysis:

A. Demographics: My audience will be make up of people from various cultures, also can be different age who interest about Chinese history and the special sound of the instrument. It’s important and interesting for people who travel to China to know this. My speech will be attracting my audience because Pipa is unfamiliar for most people, it’s a newness and unusual thing.

B. Psychographics: The members of my audience will have interest in Chinese traditional culture or the classical music. I will introduce when it came from, how it started and what it used for. So that my audience will be more interested in it. If my audience wants to travel to China, they will not want to miss listening Pipa classical music.

C. Verbal Considerations: I plan to use my words in a professional way when I explain what is a Pipa and the history about it. It’s necessary to introduce clear and easy to understand.

D. Visual Considerations: When it comes to my visual considerations, I will focus on my gesture and body movement to show my audience how to handle and play Pipa. Appropriate body movement will help my audience better understand what is Pipa, and make me and my listener more comfortable and feel natural. I will also keep eye contact with them, so that the audience would focus more on my topic and I can better play my Talk Card. It’s also a good way to show my audience how glad I am to introduce this.

Vocal Considerations:



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