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Childhood and Adulthood

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There is a thin line between childhood and adulthood. At the same time, there is a huge difference between childhood and adulthood. An adult is a person that is independent and is able to take responsibility for his life. What makes a person an adult? Being an adult is not based on physical appearance or age like most people believe. Becoming an adult all depends on a person’s mindset or sometimes determined by the society. Becoming an adult causes significant parts of life changes.

A lot of changes occur when a person starts to become an adult. Becoming an adult means one has to escape the fantasy world and see the world with the problems in it. Unlike children, adults have to face rejections, pressures of everyday life and failures. As an adult, one starts to ignore people that are of no benefit. Sometimes, the removal of parasitic friends causes loneliness in adult life. But in adult life, one has to ignore personal needs to achieve a goal. As an adult, you get to do whatever you want, when you want. That is when one starts to make decisions that causes the most drastic parts of life changes. Every decision one makes matters no matter how little.

For example, a friend of mine who never liked school always skipped classes since her parents could not decide what to do for her. She ended up dropping out of school and started living a thug life. Unfortunately, she joined the wrong set of people and did wrong things. She has been living her life in jail for years now. The decisions a person makes as an adult could be the determinant of a person’s whole life. If she had managed to graduate and find a job, maybe she would have been very successful today. The most fearful changes in adult life are loneliness and decision making.

Even though becoming an adult causes serious changes in a person’s life, some things still stay the same. A person does not really change,



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