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Childhood Obesity

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Critique on Childhood Obesity

Van Staveren, T., Dale, D. (2004). Childhood Obesity - Problems and Solutions. JOPERD Vol 75 No 7, pgs 44-49.

This article discusses the problems associated with the current epidemic of childhood obesity. There are many problems that could have led to this epidemic but the article discusses just four. The possible solutions to this problem are also discussed. Childhood obesity is a growing concern among professionals these days and many steps are being taken to curb this problem, though, some feel not to the extent it should. We will get into this later.

The four areas the authors feel are the main causes of obesity are unhealthy foods in schools, limited PA in schools, unhealthy foods in family life and lack of PA in family life. They feel that both the school and the parents are responsible for the overall well being of the children. I agree with this to an extent and will tell you why from personal experience. When I was growing up in the 70's and early 80's things were very different. The Atari craze was just becoming popular. I remember getting a system for Christmas and my dad getting upset with my mom. He didn't want me sitting in the house all day during the summer playing video games, so he limited me to just one hour a day. That was fine with me because I wasn't much of a video game person anyway. My days usually consisted of playing baseball, riding bikes and shooting baskets. My parents made it known they didn't want me lying around the house like a slug, so I stayed active. More parents need to have this mentality and keep they're kids moving. Also, back in the day, we had PE three times a week, plus three recesses. My son today has one recess and PE once a week. This in my opinion is not enough. Students are not being asked to become active at school



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