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Child Story

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Mickey Saves the Day

On a new Sunday morning before the sun rose, preparing his oils and brushes God wiped out the stars and began to paint the awaking sky. Sleeping peacefully in homes under a beautiful undisturbed prairie was a small village of gerbils.

Awakening from a pleasant sleep, Mickey Black Mittens raised his head from his straw pillow and let out a squeaky yawn. Mickey Black Mittens is the only black footed gerbil known to exist. He has a thick plush coat of glossy fur and feet as black as a moonless night. Besides the unique shade of his feet, his fellow gerbils believe they are magical for he is the quickest and sneakiest gerbil ever known. Along with his special talents, he is very wise and is looked at as the town's leader.

As Mickey got out of bed he began his daily routine and made himself breakfast. While Mickey was enjoying his portage he looked around his home and cherished the sight of his sanctuary. Finishing up the last few bites, he was startled by a tremendous thump above his home. Arising from his spool chair, he walked over to his door and stopped just a few gerbil feet away. As he reached for the handle, another great thump shook his home, and another, and another! Mickey quickly dashed under his table and covered his head as pieces of dirt feel from the ceiling. When the thumping stop, Mickey slowly peeked his head out from underneath the table and made sure nothing would collapses on him. Standing up now, he looked around and gave out a relieved sigh seeing that it his home was still intact. Now very curious, Mickey opened his door and stepped out to see a shadowy figure with a tall skinny body and a rectangular shaped head. Looking more closely, trying to shade his eyes from the sun, Mickey eyes freezes on the words "Sold" "Wal-Mart." Feeling his stomach turn, Mickey quickly woke up the village and announced a town meeting. Standing on the highest



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