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Chemistry is the study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter, and how these undergo changes. There different kinds of chemistry which are organic chemistry, Biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry. Organic chemists study compounds of carbon. Atoms of this element can form stable chains and rings, giving rise to very large numbers of natural and synthetic compounds. Biochemists concern themselves with the chemistry of the living world. Inorganic chemists are interested in all elements, but particularly in metals, and are often involved in the preparation of new catalysts. Physical chemists study the structures of materials, and rates and energies of chemical reactions. Theoretical chemists with the use of mathematics and computational techniques derive unifying concepts to explain chemical behavior. Analytical chemists develop test procedures to determine the identity, composition and purity of chemicals and materials. New analytical procedures often discover the presence of previously unknown compounds

Physics is the scientific discipline that elucidates the physical properties of nature, in an attempt to find its truth, beauty, complexity, and simplicity. Physics searches for the hidden secrets from the tiniest of subatomic particles to the largest of astronomical bodies. The goal in physics is to search for the set of rules or laws that govern the physical properties of matter, using the language of physics - mathematics. Algebra and calculus were actually invented to do physics. Physicists tend to enjoy both using math and studying it for its own sake. Many physics majors also complete a math major and some of the world's greatest physicists are actually mathematicians in disguise who enjoy the beauty of pure math as much as any mathematician.

There are two major divisions of Mathematics, Pure and Applied. Pure Mathematics seeks to advance knowledge



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