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Chemical Reactions

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Purpose: To understand how single displacement and double displacement theories apply to real life situations.

Procedure: See Pg. 244-245.


Experiment Results a)sodium chloride +

silver nitrate milky/blue/white later turned gray

b)silver nitrate +

potassium iodide white/yellow(clear well) blue/green(black well)

c)iron(III) chloride +

sodium hydroxide Apple Juice Yellow

d)sodium chloride + potassium nitrate No visible change

e)sodium carbonate + calcium chloride Turned Milky



a-e) See table under Observations.

g) Evidence was shown in the experiment through the colour change in the solutions. All the solutions except Solution D reacted.

h) Errors could be caused by mixing up unlabelled breakers, overfilling the wells, and otherwise contaminating the solutions so their results were not accurate.

i) It's possible that Solution D reacted to such a small magnitude, that it was not visible. Therefore, I cannot conclude that it did not react.

Understanding Concepts

1.a) A double displacement reaction is when two molecules on each side of the equation switch places in a chemical reaction.

b) A single displacement reaction is when one molecule on each side of the equation switch



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