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Changes In The Earth's Atmosphere

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From the reading I gathered the climate change could melt ice caps from global warming, which could make sea levels rise, which would make them more power for dangerous hurricanes. Hurricanes draw power from warm water. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was a great example of the power of the ocean.

There are so many things that affect the atmosphere. If the ozone layer were to be gone, of course the planet would heat up. It is really our only protection, in my opinion, from the dangerous rays from the sun. Granted our planet is the third farthest planet from the sun, we still need protection. The chemicals we use, the exhaust fumes from vehicles and factories, and many other things affect this layer of protection.

I have found some examples of what could possibly happen if we were to deplete our ozone any more than it already is and the earth began to warm up. These things that I have found do not sound like anything that I would like to experience. Just by reading my text book, I have found myself doing things a lot different and guiding my focus on the bigger picture. Here are just some of the examples I found:

In Humans: Skin cancer, respiratory issues.

Crop yield: No direct effects, but a warmer earth would mean low reserves of water, consequentially agricultural yield decreases

Forest: Same as above, or not; trees and other plants release CO2 which is a known greenhouse gas, trees might be responsible for the global warming

Plastic and paint: Ozone depletion means the reduction in O3 molecules in earth's atmosphere.

Plastics and most paints are man-made: O3 depletion or global warming does not directly affect them. However, O3 depletion results in increased Ultra Violet radiation reaching earth, which will reduce the longevity of plastics and paint.




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