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Change Or Keep Current Accounting Software

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Essay Preview: Change Or Keep Current Accounting Software

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The decision to change your accounting software is not one to be taken lightly. The initial recognition that there is a need for change, including a full review of the current system, can itself be a long process. Then there is the task of selecting the right package for your business from the vast array on offer - making the wrong decision can have detrimental effects on your business.

This briefing is designed to give you some

helpful advice on what you should be looking out for throughout the key stages of the process.

Whether a company is large or small - using a single user entry level software package, a multi-user ERP system, or any variety in between, regular upgrading is an essential part of running a computerised business system.

This booklet is intended to provide a clear understanding of the real and tangible benefits which businesses can gain from moving to the latest version of their software regularly, and to provide basic strategic advice on how and when to implement an upgrade programme.

Outgrowing your accounting software is like wearing pants. No matter how much you try to get them on they just won't fit over your growing stomach. As your business grows you have to update procedures, systems, and software. A simple accounting software solution will no longer fit your changing needs. How do you know it's time to upgrade your accounting software?

It definitely isn't time to upgrade when you have outgrown your accounting software. To succeed in business you must have the foresight and ability to plan what needs and obstacles your small business will face around the corner. Lack of planning puts your business at risk.

The following factors upcoming in your business necessitate the need to review your accounting software and plan ye:




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