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Chamars Aren't Socially Acceptable

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Chamars are people who are poor and live in rural areas in the lands of Punjab, India. There has been a new law published that they cannot be pointed out, unless in a government operated facility. If you break this law you will be sentenced to jail for life and no bail can be issued. Last weekend a man by the name of Jaggi Singh Jassar was called a chamar and did not take offense to the chant, and the chanter was arrested. i think it is unbelievable that a person cant socially identify as a poor person in public. Another issue with this is that people who used to identify as poor or low income, will now be assumed as middle class and have a stable income. This will effect them in a negative manner because insurance will become more expensive and low-income programs will be exterminated. I cant think of any more facts to write about so i am just going to write random things so that i can achieve the goal of writing two hundred words because i really need to finish my essay and it is due tom morrow. Yesterday i ran the half mile in forty two minutes and seven teen seconds. I also put paper in my binder so that i don't have to inquire with my friends if i can acquire any paper from them as they have hundreds of papers. As a solution i took 30 minutes out of my day to tear out pages from a notebook and insert them into binder.



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