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Celebrities Are More Popular Than War Hero

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In this era of burgeoning media and infrormation, majority of the content shown by Television channels and newspapers involves news and information regarding celebrities, movies , sports, music and other means of entertainment. It is only the government officials and a small minority of the population who are interested in matters related to war and economic problems.

Humane nature dictates that people look for escape during times of distress and sufferings. It is not possible for them to listen to war and economic problems day after day. They generally leave such issues with the government and official persons. A very good example of the attitude of general public is regarding the Kashmir dispute which has lasted for decades and still shows no sign of moving towards peace. Only the terrorist and the government officials seem to be involved in this war. Though news channels do inform about the firing across borders and people getting killed it does not in reality affect the daily lives of general public. Indian movies are famous in Pakistan and likewise Pakistani Gazals are popular in India. People watch the cricket matches between India and Pakistan with more passion than seeing so many innocent people losing

their lives in cross border firing.

Take the case of television channles. The public is more interested in new music albums, sports news, reviews, gossips and not surprisingly it is those channels which show programs related to these are more popular than a news channel giving latest news from the border. Even the news channels ensure that their content does contain information about the fashion trends, movies , music, cars. The number of entertainment and sports channels only reaffirms the obsession of poeple with celebrities. An interesting show on a news channel

The claim made by the given statement is a valid one. War and economic



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