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Causes of Happiness in My Life

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Causes of Happiness in My Life

I used to be a person with sadness, and sometimes, emptiness inside my mind. Apart from that, I was one of those people who always try to find their happiness without realising that happiness is all around them, but now I am not that kind of person anymore after I went through Facebook and found a video about how to be happy, and I have learned a lot from that video. The video taught me to focus only on what makes us contented rather than what makes us depressed. Hence, I started to follow the instructions, and I have found three causes of happiness in my life.

The first one is taking photos. I like to take photos because it is one of the hobbies that I never get tired of, and it is my favourite hobby. Every time I take a photo, I always feel relaxed, and it helps me get rid of all stress I have. Besides, when I go out to take a photo, I will get a chance to explore the beauty of nature and collect good memories with my camera lens. Furthermore, whenever I take a look at the photos I have taken, all the good memories will get back to me. Consequently, it makes me happy just to think about it.

The second one is exploring the world by travelling. I love travelling so much because it leads me to new things such as new friends, new places, and new experiences. Every time I travel, I will always leave everything that bothers me behind and will always focus only on beautiful places, attracting route, and kind people around me. Moreover, I always get wonderful time travelling even though it is just a short period of time because it is the time that I can get away from the unpleasant reality.

The last one is spending time with my favourite people: my family and my girlfriend. These people are the colourful colours that paint my cheerless pale life into a pretty colourful life. The time I spend with my beloved family and my precious girlfriend is always



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