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Causes of Delays of Disco's Works

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Essay Preview: Causes of Delays of Disco's Works

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Remedial Measure


In some cases, especially in EPC Project different departments of NTDC Design, Telecom, protection even T/L design are involved in evaluation.

DISCO’s should submit at least four sets of bidding documents so that parallel activities may be started


whenever clarification acquired by any department of NTDC, they asked from design department then design office ask concerned DISCO’s after that DISCO’s ask the concerned bidder. It consumes lot of time.

The concerned department should directly ask of any required clarification from bidder.


Some clauses of the bidding document wage not clear and ambiguous, even sometimes one clause is contradict to other.

DISCO’s should devise standardized bidding document.


In some cases when  operational experience is required from DISCO’s. It is not mentioned and if mentioned then not proper.

DISCO’s should incorporate all requisite information


In some cases DISCO’s priority changes, no reply provided even serving many reminders.

DISCO’s should keep informed its priority. If work stopped  due to any reason ,it should be intimated so that other priority job be completed.


Some DISCO’s involvesNTDC Design office in procurement partially which creates technical problem.

DISCO’s should involves Design office in all activities like tender evaluation and approval of technical data/drawing and inspections. So that the quality of equipment may be assured.


In some cases drawing and data submitted by the firm is not readable

Before sending data/drawing DISCO’s check font level/reading level at their own


In loose procurement tenders different kind of materials placed in one lot due to which healthy competitions not observed and also it creates problem in tender evaluation. Mostly tender result comes in form of scrap.

To cope up such situation and saving time and healty competition logical components/equipments lots should be prepared.


During post bid clarification, some bidder commits/confirms  that they will conduct type test in STL lab in case of award. In case of award, they make lame excuse which also one cause of bigger delay in approval of drawings of the material.

DISCO’s impose some penalty like black listing or some else so that such practice should be stopped.


Some times all DISCO’s send their tenders for evaluation simultaneously and due to limited staff all cases cannot be treated at same time.  it also causes a delay.

DISCO’s should start procurement process in time so that proper time may be allowed for such acivities.




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