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Causes Of Ww1

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Alliance system pg2

Many secret alliances had developed in Europe, witch caused other countries suspicion for there so called “Friend” in the war. The alliances were the triple alliance Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy, if you think about it the point of having an alliance was to avoid having war. When you joined an alliance that meant you were obligated to help your other nations, and you could never betray them because you will get attacked.

Problems and challenges at home

The families of the soldiers would need assistance from the government because the fathers and the sons were out in war so it would be difficult for the wives to feed their children if they didn’t have money. For some wives the government didn’t help them so they went out and looked for jobs the jobs they found were hard labor jobs that paid very little, and to still make sure they were being mothers to their children.

This a picture of women working in factories so they can earn money to feed their children and the other picture shows she still has time to be a mom for her kids.

Conscription pg3

When Prime Minister Borden visited his wounded soldiers in the war, he felt so bad that he had promised them that he will get more soldiers to help them in the war. That’s when Borden passed a new law called Conscription which meant if you were 18 and older you must enlist and fight in the war.

This is a cart showing the enlistments and causality’s

during the 1917 (people who signed up for the war

and the number of deaths.)

World was a bad and horrific time to live in ,ww1 was pointless war more bad then good came out of it like the many soldiers that died ,and the other innocent people that died from diseases that the soldiers brought from the war. If only people acted like human beings and if money and power was not important to them then so many



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