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Catholic Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Catholic vs. Public Schools

Catholic and public schools have so many ways that they are a like and different. Catholic and public schools biggest and most known difference is that in public school there is no religion class. Three points that tell how they differ and are alike are uniform, gender, and class wise.

The first point explains the difference the ways the schools is able to wear their uniforms. Even though all catholic schools and most public schools are required to wear uniforms the rules in public school on the uniform is not as strict like in catholic school. In public schools they are able to wear any kind of tennis shoe. In catholic school you have to buy the shoe(s) specified in the uniform requirements.

The second point explains the gender in the schools and how the students are split up. Although catholic and private schools do not require you to be a certain gender, they still have their differences on the way some catholic schools are run. In the majority of catholic high schools the schools are not co-ed. The schools are split up into what some people call "brother/sister" schools like for example Chapelle and Rummel. All public schools are co-ed and have no specific way on how the classes are held.

The third and final point explains the size of the classes in public schools verses the sizes in catholic schools. In most of the public schools the number of students in a

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Classroom usually is higher than the number of students in a catholic school classroom. The reason for this is said to be because less people attend catholic school than private school.

These three points have explained the ways that catholic and public schools are alike and the ways that they are different. Uniforms, co-ed non co-ed, and classes show how the two systems are not



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