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Catholic Reflection

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Case 1 : You worked hard and have some money saved to buy something important to you. A classmate approaches you to ask for a contribution of at least $25 to sponsor her for a Walk to Fight Diabetes.

Christian Response: A responsible, compassionate Christian response would be to donate at least $25, wish her good luck, and giver her your support on the walk. An even better response would be to join in the walk yourself and recruit more of your friends to participate as well.

Other Response: A typical, shellfish response would be to not give her any money and to make excuses as to why you can not. Some excuses could be “I don’t have any money right now,” which in reality you would be lying. You could also rationalize your selfishness by saying that saying that you worked hard for your money and should do anything you want with it or by saying, “How’s $25 going to cure diabetes?”

Case 2 : You have been told the identity of a classmate who has stolen something of value out of your locker.

Christian Response: An appropriate response would be to approach the thief, ask for the return of the object, and offer forgiveness to him or her. If your classmates refused, you could then go to a higher authority to minister justice, but you would have to do son in a way that is not vengeful.

Other Response: Another response to this situation would be taking revenge on your classmate. This revenge might consist of beating your classmate up, stealing something out of his locker for pay back or even blackmailing your classmate. The list goes on and on. Even if something bad happens to you, you should not go and do something bad to that person. I’m sure you didn’t like it when they did it to you so don’t do it to them. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Case 3: You are at a party where alcohol is being served. You did not drive to the party.

Christian Response: A Christian response would be not only to refrain from drinking yourself but also urge your friends to put down their drinks and think



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