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Catch-22 Journal Entry

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Journal Entry: Catch-22; A

"Like all the other officers at Group Headquarters . . . Colonel Cathcart was infused with the democratic spirit: he believed that all men were created equal, and he therefore spurned all men outside Group Headquarters with equal fervor. Nevertheless, he believed in his men. As he told them frequently in the briefing room, he believed they were at least ten missions better than any other outfit and felt that any who did not share this confidence he had placed in them could get the hell out. The only way they could get the hell out . . . was by flying the extra ten missions (Heller 57)."

Through out Catch-22, Heller has a very adamant attitude on the subject math he chose to explore; the absurdness of people in positions of power. In the previous quote, (see above) Heller seems to be sarcastically ridiculing the extreme oppressiveness of these people. His attitude seems partly satirical, partly scornful, and party sarcastic. Filled with sarcastic, scornful, and satirical aspects, Heller's attitude not only reveals insights for that particular scene, but also buttresses what seems to be the consistent attitude throughout Catch-22.

First of all, a strong sense of caustic sarcasm is present in Heller's attitude. Heller seems to feel the ruling, and the logic used to arrive at such absurd ruling by peoples in positions of power as ridiculous. He sarcastically ridicules these people in the previous quote. He shows how high ranking officials abuse their power to oppress others. The sarcastic touch in his attitude conveys the message of the ridiculousness of such high ranking officials and their ruling to the reader.

Along with sarcasm, a strong sense of scornfulness is also present in Heller's attitude. Although it might be hidden under the sarcastic nature of his writing, he seems to be scornful of the situation. This scorn can be felt due



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