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Case1: Web Advertising Strategy Helps P & G Compete.

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Essay Preview: Case1: Web Advertising Strategy Helps P & G Compete.

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1. Why was the online approach more effective than the traditional one?

In my opinion, the heart of advertising is to be able to influence the buyer's decision to buy the product and to be able to recognize the product. I think the reason why online approach becomes more effective than the traditional one because the customer is easy to receive, learn and respond through these advertising and the advertising cost is lower than some traditional advertising too. Moreover, it also helps companies to build some special relationships with customers that are not possible in the other marketing systems such as collecting valuable customer data, product customization, personalized service, and getting the customer involved interactively.

2. Discuss the logic of multiple Web sites for one company.

In the large company such as P&G need the multiple Web sites because the company has various kinds of products they need to be more specific to the customer of each product. In my view, one company which provides more than one product to the customer should create web sites for each product in order to make the right impression to the target customer of those products and the cost to maintain one web site is not that much compare with the other advertising channel.

3. What are the benefits of marketing partnerships?

I think the goal of marketing partnerships is to combine 2 businesses to offer the customer more product value and create more benefits to the company.

The benefits of marketing partnership are:

- increasing more product value.

- save the customer time and provide more information about the product.

- reducing cost of the product.



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