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Case Study Report Funny Name – Not–so-Funny Effect

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Essay Preview: Case Study Report Funny Name – Not–so-Funny Effect

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Case study report

Funny Name – Not–So-Funny Effect

Planning is one of the essential managerial functions that establish the strategy to achieve organizational goals. Through the case of Funny Name-Not-So-Funny Effect, the major concern raised with business disruption in its routine operation. One of the emerging areas of research is business continuity planning and disaster management that involve maintaining minimum level of business operation to secure business survival through unexpected and catastrophic events (Lindstrom, Samuelssson and Hagerfors, 2010). In modern business environment, most business face intensive competition, disruption in business operation may end in bankruptcy of the business. With increasing number and cost of natural disasters, business should also prepare for such events. Therefore, the purpose of planning is to get business prepared for disruption and reduce risk for business dis-continuation.

Scholars and researchers have defined business continuity planning as identification and protections of critical business process that ensure business continue to operate at an acceptable to survive disruption (O’Hehir, 2007). With this definition and guidance provided, business would develop a formal planning that reached common understanding within the organization. Therefore, individual business would have to research for external risk they might facing and determine the goal of the continuity planning. In this case, business would develop a directional plan for business disruption in the case of nature disaster, where business would examine which business process or which part of business operation would likely get impacted through the disruption. Directional plans would provide guidance to business mangers on what could be done in the case of business disruption. The flexibility that directional plans would enable managers to do what seems necessary to keep business survives through the disruption.

In the case of natural disaster that might disruptive business, the main objective for planning is to guarantee the business continuity while business has the discretion on the approach managers decide to take in the case of emergency. The objective would have to be communicated effectively throughout the organization from top management to employees to assure all individual knows their responsibility. The other important subjects in the business planning include implementation tests and training, through out the process employees would be educated on the plan and further improvement could be made to the plan. In this case, setting specific goal for the plan is difficult, it is hard to define what business could



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