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Case Solution of Managed by Q

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Essay Preview: Case Solution of Managed by Q

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Growth Strategy of ‘Managed by Q’


Md. Anamul Hoq | MBA Evening | University of Dhaka

Case Abstract[pic 2]

Managed by Q is an on-demand service provider based in the USA which currently available in three business district – New York, Chicago and San Francisco having high customer satisfaction. In July 2015, Dan Teran – Cofounder & CEO started its operation alongside Saman Rahmanian who overlooks the operations and maintenance.

‘Managed by Q’ as an on-demand company has to deal with rival companies like ABM Industries, ServiceMaster Clean and Jani-King International since the janitorial service industry in the USA is highly fragmented where the barrier to entry is low.

Q’s target customers are corporate houses who take services of Cleaning, Office Maintenance, and Office Supplies from Q. Q managed to differentiate itself by ‘fully transparent service’ to its valued customer and prioritize the quality of work.

Q employees are called ‘Operators’ who get paid good remuneration than market standard, flexible work hour, in-house training, bonus and smooth career growth which have a positive impact on employee turnover and customer retention. Q’s culture required transparency, problem-solving, cleaning experience, integrity and work ethics.

To grow, Q is focusing ‘good job strategy’ with the values of transparency, community, integrity, Optimism & innovation which creates superior value for employees and customers.

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Option 1

Option 2

Q will acquire more customers from existing markets and offer more services to customer?

Q keep exploring into new markets?

Before going to explanation, let me put the Growth Strategy of ‘Managed by Q’ on top.

“Managed by Q Should Acquire More Customer from Existing Market by
Offering More Services and Sustainable Market Expansion.”


External Analysis of ‘Managed by Q’

External analysis deals with strategic opportunities and threats of an organization’s operating environment. From the given case materials I found following opportunities and threats of ‘Managed by Q’-



  • Robust on demand requirement
  • Less complexity to entry new market
  • Only 3 big rival company who just cover few of the US’s Janitorial Services
  • Significant increase of industry value
  • Fragmented Industry
  • Clone companies
  • Fewer commercial buildings in many cities
  • Lack of perfect labor market

Internal Analysis of ‘Managed by Q’

Internal analysis emphasis on the resources, capabilities, and competencies of a company which leads to explore the company’s strengths & weaknesses. These are following –



  • Differentiated & Transparent Janitorial Service
  • Minimum Employee Turnover
  • Strong work ethics & values
  • Extensive customer retention (90%)
  • High profit margin
  • Satisfactory funds/investors
  • Not ready resources to provide other janitorial services except cleaning, maintenance,

Potential Services of Q[pic 4]



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