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Case Analysis/Starbucks

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November 2, 2006

Make Conflict Work for You

This article was found on the Training Magazine Website. Sharon Fink, the author eludes to the fact that every organization has conflict. The article states that conflict is natural and not something that should be avoided; instead it should be effectively managed. Ð''Healthy conflict', she states, generates creativity.

Her suggestion to the challenges of conflict is to use personality testing. Personality tests are believed to capture a person's perspective. The suggestion was made: wise managers use the personality testing to understand and decipher if an employee is persecuted, confused or angered. There are five dimensions for personality testing: social behaviors, underlying needs and motivations, stress behaviors, areas of interest and organizational focus. Each dimension plays a critical role in deciphering conflicts. Comparative reporting points out differences in one on one setting or within groups.

In evaluating this article, I found some truth in what the author stated. Any character Ð''flaw' that a person may seem to have is usually energy that is not properly used. Unhealthy conflict leads to problems that can bring down a company's morale and even cause more conflicts. Productivity and effectiveness as a team can also be hampered when a conflict grows. The personality testing seems to work in theory; however, I think the testing should be done BEFORE a conflict arises. Discernment from management can be used as an indicator but can also be flawed. Channeling conflict can be healthy.

Fink, Sharon. "Make Conflict Work for You." Training Magazine, November 2, 2006



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