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Candy Choclate

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Candy is a sweet that many kids enjoy but isn't necessarily good for your health. It contains lot's of sugar and makes kids go hyper. It also isn't good for their teeth as it makes them rot. For this reason, it should be avoided completely or given to them once a month. There are many alternatives, such as fruits. Fruits have sugar in them and they're sweet enough to not be hated completely. Unlike candy, they are good for you and provide you with nutrition. Though kids may not be interested in them immediately, if they are taught to like fruits at a young age then they won't have a problem with them as they grow older. People also replace candy with their meals. Rather than having candy once in a while, they'll find a way to have candy for dinner or lunch rather than eat actual food. Buying candy is not only bad for your health but it's also bad for you because it's a waste of money. It costs more than one apple would at a store and that apple will fill you up and provide you with more energy than the pack of candy. As a healthy and better alternative, fruits should be loved as much or if not more than candy's. Parents just need to ingrain that fact into the minds of their young children at an early age. So the next time you're at the store, think twice before you pick up a candy pack over a fruit.



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