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Can People Choose to Be Happy?

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Essay Preview: Can People Choose to Be Happy?

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Can people choose to be happy

Happiness is a simple word. It can be said lightly through our mouths like the wind. But, though that maybe the case it is not easy to achieve. Until this day people struggle to obtain it rather, get near that stage. Some of us are like that they are born with power and money. And that leads the people to believe that they are happy and living in joy. However, that is not the cause. Most of those who are in that state are not happy. They just want one thing in life and that is love.

That sometimes lead to loneliness. Specially with those types of people. Humans can not choose the way to be happy. Some of us do not even know what that mean. It shows how much we struggle to look for the right path leading towards happiness. The world of happiness is full, and perfect by all means. Which hurts. Because we know that reaching it might take a lifetime. Yes, it is that great of a deal. But nevertheless, giving up is not an option here. All we worked for is finally at hand.

So that means its there! We are close to it at last. The real feeling of happiness is awaiting its owner. It can be hard, the path may get steep and we fall but stand. Stand up and keep walking. It is never too late to reach the end. Believe it or not they are trying. Trying to reach the gate of happiness but our methods always fail. People are not choosing to be that way but some things can be helped. They must struggle more and more. That itself will lead to happiness along the way.

A way that can lead to happiness is hard to find. Some of us might just be that lucky. Still it means nothing. Does not mean that others are happy, we cannot be as well. Fate has its ways. It can't always be that simple or people will see no meaning in it and really ignore it. Happiness is a priceless thing. Money can buy anything in the whole wide world but, not that. Not happiness. So keep it. Treasure it. And more importantly thank him, thank God for that. Be grateful that he chose to let you taste it. Cause that itself is happiness.



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