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Camp Green Lake and to Be Honest with You

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Essay Preview: Camp Green Lake and to Be Honest with You

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Letter Home – Holes

Dear Mum and Dad,

Hello Mum and Dad. This is my first letter to you from Camp Green Lake and to be honest with you… I don’t want to stay here. This place makes me feel uncomfortable. Everyone is different to the people back at home which makes me feel like I don’t belong. I was expecting to go swimming at the lake everyday and having fun with friends however, it is not like that. The camp does not meet my expectations.

Today, I forced to dig a hole and I thought it was only for today but it’s for the rest of my time here. At other camps, you wouldn’t be forced to do anything, especially digging holes. Also, Camp Green Lake is in a dry, hot desert with no towns, no lake or no green nearby. Basically, I am out in the hot sun digging holes for many hours. It would be fine if they gave us plenty of water but they give us barely any!

After finishing my first hole, I anticipated the cool shower and soft bed but it was terrible. Our showers are timed and the cot smells like off milk. The beds aren’t comfortable and it is very small. I miss home already.

However, I am very glad to have kids to talk to. They are different to the kids back at school because they do not make fun of me but they can also be mean sometimes. I am good friends with Zero, Armpit and Squid. Don’t be surprised, those aren’t their real names. Talking about names, I got named “Caveman” because I am a new digger. When I return home, please don’t call me that, it’ll literally give me nightmares of this place.

I am really tired and I don’t know how I am even writing this letter. My hands a blistered, my muscles are sore and I definitely got sunburned. I was told that if I find something valuable while digging, I could get a day off. Wish me luck and I hope I can see you as soon as possible.

Love You,




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