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Calebs Choice

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The story Caleb's Choice, takes place

in northern Texas during the huge slavery

issue in 1858, before the Civil War.

This historical time in America was an ongoing

issue between the northern and southern regions

of the United States. The northern states were

opposed to slavery while the southern states

supported slavery.

The main character of the story is Caleb.

He is a fourteen year old white boy that lived

a rich life, attended a boys academy, and paid

no attention to the black boys that were dirty

and barefoot hoping to find a dime in the streets.

Then one day Caleb's privileged life took a turn

for the worst when his family had no more

money. He had to move from his home in

southern Texas to northern Texas to live with

his grandmother, until his father could make

some more money.

Caleb's grandmother, grandma Dulaney

was her name, owned an inn in Collin County.

On his way to her place his adventure began

and his eyes were open to a different kind of

life. He met many people along the way and

they all knew his grandmother and all spoke

very highly of her. For the last part of his

journey he was picked up by his grandmothers

hire boy, Micah Holland. Micah is the

character that changes Caleb's life forever.

Caleb is a strong character that knows

right from wrong. His character changes as

he sees the violence over slavery and the

Fugitive Slave Law in his new home town.

This law makes it a crime to help runaway

slaves and any person that assists a runaway

slave in any way, even providing food and

shelter could be put in prison and fined

or even worse killed, if caught by the wrong


Caleb's character plays a role during

a very difficult time in history when slavery

was accepted by some and not by others, and



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