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Cable Modem

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cable modem:


Cable modems are devices that allow high-speed access to information at a distant server may it be Internet server or video on demand server, via a cable television network. While similar to the traditional (analog) dialup modems, a cable modem is significantly more powerful, capable of delivering data approximately 500 times faster. During the early to mid - 1990s, the two-way interactive communication capability of the existing cable network infrastructure was realized which would imply a much greater bandwidth for accessing the Internet. This realization resulted in several field trials being conducted in various areas of United States and western European countries. As a result of these field trials, several types of cable modems were developed. For millions of people, television brings news, entertainment and educational programs into their homes. Many people get their TV signal from cable television, because cable TV provides a clearer picture and more channels. Many people who have cable TV can now get a high-speed connection to the Internet from their cable provider. Cable modems compete with technologies like Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL).Through the use of a cable modem you can have a broadband Internet connection that is designed to operate over cable TV lines. The coaxial cable used by cable TV provides much greater bandwidth than telephone lines, a cable modem can be used to achieve extremely fast access to the Web. This, combined with the fact that millions of homes are already wired for cable TV, has made cable Internet service something cable TV companies have really jumped onboard with. Traditional dial-up modems provide online access through the public telephone network. A cable modem, on the other hand, gives users high-speed Internet access through a cable TV network. Let us take a close look on it



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