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Business Environment and Strategy Analysis

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Essay Preview: Business Environment and Strategy Analysis

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Semester Project

Part 1

Business Environment and Strategy Analysis

Yihong Li


Locate the following three reports for your company (most current fiscal year reports – ask me if you have a question on this):

  1. Annual Report for the most recent year– gets from the corporate web site of your company (this is NOT the same as the SEC Form 10-K for most companies)

  1. SEC Form 10-K – get from the SEC web site at (get the same year as the annual report above)

  1. SEC Form DEF 14A Proxy Statement – get from the SEC web site at (again, get the statement that goes with the annual period above)

  1.  Answer the following items about your company (include the report source and page number(s), if applicable):
  1.  What is the company’s official complete name?  (get this information from page 1 of the Form 10-K)

Walmart Inc. (Form 10-K Page 1)

  1. What is the company’s fiscal year end date (include the year)?

January 31, 2018 (Form 10-K Page 1)

  1. In what city is the corporate headquarters located?

702 S.W. 8th Street Bentonville, Arkansas 72716 (Form 10-K Page 1)

  1. What is the company’s corporate web site? (Form 10-K Page 7) In 2000, Walmart started their first e-commerce project by creating

  1. Which stock exchange lists your company for trading?

Walmart's common stock is traded on the New York stock exchange, the main market for Walmart common stock. (Form 10-K Page 1)

  1. What is your company’s stock trading symbol?

The company’s stock trading symbol is "WMT."  (Form 10-K Page 31)

  1. What is your company’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code and sector?  Sometimes a company will list more than one code.  List all codes and sectors given and consider the first code listed as the primary SIC for the company.  Use Google if you cannot locate the SIC in the annual report or other reports.

SIC code: 5331 (

Sector: Consumer Defensive (Yahoo Finance)

  1. What type of business is your company—retail, manufacturing, service, etc.?

Retail stores and eCommerce (Form 10-K Page 7)

  1. What are the major business segments of the company?

Walmart operates retail, wholesale and other businesses as well as e-commerce sites, including supercenters, supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs and cash and carry, etc. The company's business is divided into three reportable segments: Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam's Club. (Form 10-K Page 7)

  1. Who are its primary customers?

Walmart’s primary customers are the vast majority of people. (Form 10-K Page 7)

  1. What are its primary products and/or services?

Walmart U.S. is involved in a variety of store formats, including supercenters, discount stores, Neighborhood Markets, small store formats and eCommerce websites.

Groceries include all kinds of groceries, such as meat, vegetable, frozen foods, health and beauty aids, baby products, and paper goods, etc.

Health & Wellness includes pharmacy, over-the-counter drugs, clinical services, etc.

General merchandise includes electronics, photo processing services, auto services, apparels, and home furnishings, etc. (Form 10-K Page 9)

  1. Use the SEC Form 10-K and/or Form DEF 14A to provide the following information (include report source and page number(s), if applicable):
  1. Locate the Board of Directors listing.  How many board members are listed for your company?

There are 12 board members. (Annual Report Page 93)

List the names of each board member according to the following classifications:

  1. List all inside directors (these work for the company)

Doug McMillon. (Annual Report Page 93)

  1. List all outside directors (these work for other companies or hold other positions outside the organization)

Timothy P. Flynn, Carla A. Harris, Thomas W. Horton, Marissa A. Mayer, Gregory B. Penner, Steven S Reinemund, James I. Cash, S. Robson Walton, Steuart L. Walton, Kevin Y. Systrom, Sarah J. Friar. (Annual Report Page 93)

  1. Why does a company want or need outside directors?

Outside directors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the company. To the extent that the board is made up entirely of full-time internal directors, it may be ineffective. At the same time, the external directors have the function of promoting and improving the strategic decision-making, controlling and supervising the management of the company. A company’s CEO need different perspectives and advice to solve problems that only outsiders can bring. In addition, outside directors bring a whole new set of relationships and connections that can be leveraged. For example, customers, suppliers and bankers, etc.

  1. List the annual compensation amount for board members.  Is there stock compensation in addition to cash compensation?  If so, how much stock compensation is offered each board member?


Cash Compensation

Stock Compensation

Annual Compensation

Doug McMillon


$ 15,692,464

$ 22,791,276

James I. Cash, Jr.




Timothy P. Flynn



$ 381,729

Carla A. Harris



$ 227,157

Thomas W. Horton



$ 322,513

Marissa A. Mayer



$ 267,200

Gregory B. Penner



$ 465,043

Steven S Reinemund



$ 287,958

Kevin Y. Systrom



$ 284,969

S. Robson Walton



$ 265,005

Steuart L. Walton



$ 264,990

Note: Sarah J. Friar does not appear on the table above because she was appointed to the board at the end of fiscal year 2018. (Form DEF 14A Page 36 and 66)



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