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Essay Preview: Bush

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November 2, 2006 | Last Updated 2:52 p.m. (EST)

Bush Discusses Sudan with Special Envoy and Makes Remarks on North Korea

President Bush on Tuesday said, "One element of the plan is something that I strongly supported all along, and that there needs to be a credible and effective international force to go into Darfur to save lives, to make it clear that the international community respects human life, and the international community will work in concert to save human life."

In Focus: Africa


Press Briefing by Tony Snow

Watch Wednesday's Press Briefing with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.


President Bush Greets Troops in Charleston, South Carolina

President Bush on Saturday said, "I understand the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis for this country. So, as the President of the United States, I want to tell you plain and simple, the American people respect you, they appreciate you, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure the families and those who wear the uniform have all the support necessary to win this war on terror."

In Focus: Defense


Joint Statement by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Iraq

President Bush on Saturday said, "We were pleased to continue our consultations today. Via secure video, we discussed a range of issues of great importance to our common mission in Iraq, including the development of Iraqi security forces, efforts to promote reconciliation among all Iraqis, and the International Compact for Iraq and the economic reforms associated with it. As leaders of two great countries, we are committed to the security and prosperity of a democratic Iraq and the global fight against terrorism which affects all our citizens."

In Focus: Renewal in Iraq




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