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Essay Preview: Bulimia

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What is your thesis statement?

The purpose of this essay is to provide information about the causes and effects that bulimia has on the peoples lives that suffer from this disease.

I. The exact causes of bulimia are unknown, but there are a few general ideas.

A. There are many signs and symptoms connected to bulimia.

1. Secrecy surrounding eating and the time period after eating, to allow for binging and then purging.

2. Odd eating behaviors like eating to much at a meal.

3. Abuse of laxatives or diet pills.

B. Genetic and social influence play a big role for a lot of people with bulimia.

1. A person is at risk for bulimia if another family member has the disease.

2. Social pressure for women to be thin.

II. Bulimia can have quite harmful effects on the body and mind over a long period of time.

A. Physical effects that bulimia can have on a persons body.

1. Teeth enamel, erosion, and cavities are a result of the stomach acids from vomitting.

2. Stomach ulcers may form as a result of vomitting.

3. Body fatigue happens from lack of nutrition.

B. Bulimia can have some serious emotional effects on a person.

1. Depression is a common effect of bulimia.

2. Damaged relationships are normal for those with bulimia.




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