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Building A Successful Team

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Building a Successful Team in the Work Place

Building a successful work team in a organization consist of open communication among individuals with different personalities, trust which can takes time and patients and cooperation not competition and personal responsibility within a team.

Teams in a work place usually consist of individuals with different skills and personalities that can create barriers at times for team communication and can also have the inability for team members to distinguish different communications individual use to speak. But research has shown that team communication is very important because each member on a team needs to be acquainted with the team goals and his or her role in a team. The most effective type of communication is open communication because it creates trust and belonging to a team. The more a team member feels valued the more dedicated they are likely to be and in return makes it easier for the team achieve its goals.

Trust in a team does not develop naturally it takes time and patients but can bring success in a team. Trust in a team is important because if a team can not build trust among its team members, it will create problems and many barriers that will keep a team from reaching their goals or achievements. The greater each member of a team can trust others members, the greater strength a team assumes. In a team there needs to be ongoing opportunities were members of a team can express their thoughts regarding the purpose, process, procedures and performance of their team. The more continuously everyone on a team has a chance to express openly the more everyone grows closer and can build a stronger level of trust among each other by being able to speak freely and being heard.

Cooperation in a team can be very difficult at times due to different personalities that cause some people to compete more then to cooperate with their team. Some people that like to compete it has been said that they believe that they are smarter, faster and can find it much cheaper for an organization to have one individual on a project then working together in a team. But as it has been researched



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