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The “TV Buddha Reincarnated” consists of a machine-like Buddha, a telephone, and a computer with a video camera. The Buddha has an intricate design of cables and wires. It also has circuit boards and batteries on both sides of it. It is a dark green and grey color and is much bigger than the computer. On the back of the Buddha, there are switches and buttons of sorts. The Buddha is looking at a white computer with a keyboard. On top of the computer, there is a video camera pointed directly at the Buddha. The screen shows a distorted blue picture of the Buddha's face. Connected to the computer, there is a black cord phone with the earpiece next to the Buddha’s left ear. The Buddha is also supported with two technologic boxes overridden with cables. The Buddha is positioned right in front of the computer.

The most significant components of this artwork are the technology involved, the religious connection with Buddha, and the Buddha itself. In comparison to the original “TV Buddha” which is front of the TV, the “TV Buddha Reincarnated” is now in front of a computer. The updated Buddha also has a telephone and an updated camera. The Buddha on the TV screen is different from the Buddha on the computer. The original Buddha is shown fully, and in normal colors. The updated Buddha has a distorted image of himself on the screen with a blue tint. This shows the manipulation and change of ideas across the years.

The size and shape of the Buddhas also differ. The older Buddha has a much more modest touch to it and is simple in its built. The updated Buddha is much larger and has a series of cords, wires, and cables entangled all around it. This sends a message of modernization to the onlooker. The original image on the TV gives a flat portrayal but the computer image can be interpreted in many ways, just like today’s society.

The religious connection



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