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Essay Preview: Brzezinski

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Essay 3 Question 1

The policy advice Brzezinski (2012) gave in the video is that “America must promote a vitalized west and provide a balance to a rising new east” Brezinski (2012). I agree with Brzezinski, with U.S. as the current hegemonic force. They have the means to positively influence trade routes as well as trade agreements. But sadly with the current administration, and some of the policies and ideals they’ve been trying to push, “Global power is becoming diffuse and no longer concentrated in the West or in the hands of the United States. America has domestic and international problems”. Throughout this piece we will find points that Brzezinski makes about the possible changes in polarity coming to our near future. As well as why it’s in the United States best interest to be prepared for bipolarity. Trumps policy pushes like the recent muslim ban and the way he has been speaking in the International Arena has not been sounding too appealing to the EU and other allied countries. It seems like they have been pushing more towards a more independent world view for the United States that could in turn be detrimental to some trade agreements.

From my perception it sounds like Brzezinski has a more realist point of view. “For realists, the nature of the change in the system can be reduced to the distribution of peace and war between great powers.” Mingst & Tauf (114). So to elaborate, great powers have the means of changing the political system. When we look at history we can see how political culture is often embedded in its people by the government. When Brzezinski gave his policy advice he didn’t propose it as an enemy of any nation but as an observer. Eventually with the way things are going It sounds like it he believes that It would be in the United States best interest to follow his policy. In his interview he makes a very strong point towards the beginning of this interview and states “for the first time in all of human history, the publics of the world, the population of the world is politically awakened, restless, stirring, resentful, in many parts, increasingly motivated by an anti-Western narrative.” with some of our policies and ideologies already conflicting with some nations because of strong held



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