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Brittany Spears

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Brittany has become someone that you would not want your little girl to look up to. Throught her music career she has become idolized by our youth. She currently displays to much of her flesh. That makes the guys in this world think that all girls will do that also and they seem to treat us differently since the 1999 music awards.

This show of her flesh got all her fans to think it was alright for girls to display their flesh also. My own opinion in this matter is that she gave the girls in this world a harder place to live in, because now we are treated as pieces of meat and on human beings. Therefore she should have thought about her fans and not just about herself while picking her outfits.

The fact that she is dating N*Sync's Justin Timberlake she has been frowned on from some of her fans. Their relationship is not a relationship in some peoples eyes. People feel that they should just admit they got married and they should stop trying to hide it from the public and their fans. If they wanted to get married they should not be afraid to tell people about it, because weather they did or not we would not be able to change what they have already done so it would be pointless to even try to say it never happened. If two people or in love as they say they are then they should not care or be afraid of what other people think about it. They would be together and that would be all that should matter to them. therefore they should just tell us that they are married and their fans, I am sure, would be very happt for them.



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