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Brent Staples

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Brent Staples; Fight Against The Destiny

Everyday millions of people; young and old, rich and poor are getting up with the sunshine glittering in their eyes and start in their days with different concerns, in different moods. Each of them is just living out their lives with the destiny that has been set for them. It is interesting how life starts differently for each of us.

Some may be born rich, handsome or super intelligent, while the others may be born poor, disabled or as orphans. Some may say that it is an unfair world. "How can it be fair when it can be so different for everyone even from the beginning?" they say. Brent Staples was born poor. He spent his childhood in a dozen different little houses with his eight brothers and sisters, parented by an alcoholic father and a desperate mother.

In his essays, he gives details about his life, especially about his childhood, which was a big struggle. In the essay "Living in Motion" he tells us how he had to fight against his cruel destiny every single day of his life. He had to watch out for people who were eager to fight with him in his peaceful little neighborhood full of friendly people. He couldn't have any intellectual father-son talks with his dad. He had to learn life through experience, everything the hard way. It was his destiny to be a black child in the 60's and to face obstacles in an environment that didn't provide many opportunities.

His future was unknown, but it was somewhat predictable considering the environment he was in. His brother Blake chose to become a drug dealer to make his living, and was eventually murdered by one of his "clients". Although Brent Staples tried to persuade him to leave the town, Blake didn't take the good advice. (The Coroner's Photographs, 5)

There are many people who share the same destiny with Brent Staples, seeking the answer for the question; "How do I fight against my destiny? How do I break out? " Brent Staples' life would be a very a good example of the answer to that question. Being a prizewinner author, Brent Staples usually writes about that answer, often using his personal experiences.

For Brent Staples, time is what we make of it. It is "elastic." (Living In Motion, 11.) We don't have to be trapped within our destiny, because it is changeable. Unfortunately, Blake couldn't use his time efficiently. He was trapped within his unfortunate destiny, and just couldn't get out of it. But Brent Staples was always waiting for something; he didn't give up on life, or his struggle. He overcame all the difficulties and the disappointments he had.

He was disappointed and beaten



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