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Brain Based Learning

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Essay Preview: Brain Based Learning

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The article Brain-Based Learning by Ruth Palombo Weiss discusses the ways in which a brain works and illustrates the connection it has with the learning theories. A key concept that the article addresses is the brains ability to make connection. According to the article, there are a massive number of interdependent networks that process any incoming information as well as information already stored. The article suggests that every nerve cell serves as a relay station for information and no two human beings are alike.

According to the article, “nerve cells are stimulated by new experiences and exposure to incoming information from the senses” and as this stimulation occurs, new dendrites are created. As the article states, dendrites are the part of the nerve cell that receives the information and with consistent use, you will grow new branches. In contrast, with lack of use, you will lose them.

The article also explains what part the brain has in our capacity for attention. According to the article, a person’s body has high-low cycles of 90-110 minutes and when they are at the high point of the cycle, they are much more attentive. According to the article, there are several different types of motivation that affect what is happening in our brain, including stress, context, emotions and patterns all affect how our brain works. The article concludes by reiterating the phrase “use it or lose it” and stresses the importance of continuing education throughout life.



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